We offer a number of services to aid in your loved ones passing. Among our cremation options are:


Cremation Gardens

Cremation-Woodlawn-MemorialThere are many choices for cremation interment at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Guelph. Most of these options can be found in Our Cremation Garden, a beautiful area filled with flower beds and shrubs, a tranquil waterfall, rock garden and formal flower beds providing beauty throughout the year.

The Cremation Lawn offers the more traditional interment style where the urn is placed in the ground. Cremorial’s are specially designed so that the urn is suspended safely below the ground surface but not in the ground. In both the upper and lower gardens you will find Columbarium Walls have niches for above ground interment and the Domes in the upper garden offer the same style of interment. All these choices in the garden have room for two cremated remains.

The Heritage Estates are private columbaria with room for up to four cremation interments, the Scattering Gardens (no availability at this time) and loose internal release of cremains into the Ossuary under the Royal Belvedere.

If you prefer a traditional upright monument, Woodlawn offers cremation graves, traditional but smaller graves for cremation interment where a monument can be placed. Cremation interments can also be placed in family lots. Although, family permissions and paperwork must be in place for this interment choice.

Prices vary according to your selection, pricing is available on request.

Chapel Niches

Chapel Niches Guelph OntarioIn Guelph’s historic Woodlawn Mausoleum there are three options for the interment of cremated remains. The chapel has heated floors and comfortable chairs. This area is comforting and comfortable year round. In the Chapel you will find glass fronted niches and solid bronze fronted niches. Urns and personal mementos can be seen through the glass. This is a showcase for beautiful sculptural urns providing a very personal memorial of the deceased.

The Medallion niches, also in the Mausoleum, have marble fronts and bronze memorialization, quite different from the other niches in the chapel. All the niches in the chapel offer space for two urns. However, some of the glass fronted niches are larger and have room for several urns.

The Woodlawn Mausoleum and Chapel were built by the Canada Mausoleum Company. The classic design and expert workmanship stirs the same awe and admiration today as it did when the dedication and opening took place in 1930. The chapel has a beautiful marble interior. The ornamental plaster ceiling has been hand painted in shades of green, gold, pink and gray to emphasize the beauty of the leaves and berries in the design. The Woodlawn Chapel received honorable mention from the Guelph Arts Council Heritage Awards in 1998 for detailed restoration.

The stained glass was designed and assembled by James Bloomfield (1872-1951), one of Canada’s top glass artists from 1895 to 1930. There are three large windows in the Mausoleum and four smaller pieces. Full of rich colors and intricate pattern, each is a detailed and beautiful work of art.

The small, intimate chapel is heated in the colder months. The marble walls and soaring ceilings assure any visitor cool comfort in summer. There are armchairs and benches for your convenience as you will want to stay awhile in this beautiful quiet space.

Woodlawn Crematorium

Cremation in GuelphThe Crematorium in Woodlawn Memorial Park in Guelph was opened in 1984. The Cremation chamber is located behind, on the lower level of the Mausoleum and houses two cremation machines. The traditional chapel in the Mausoleum provides intimate surrounding for cremation services and its unique design allows the symbolic “lowering” of the casket to the cremation rooms below. The chapel offers comfortable arm chairs if family members wish to be near and present as the cremation takes place. The chapel is heated in winter and cool in the summer.

The Woodlawn Crematorium operation surpasses the highest industry standards. We are member of the Cremation Association of North America (CANA), the Ontario Association of Cemetery and Funeral Professionals (OACFP) and the Funeral Services Association of Canada (FSAC). The members of our staff are also members of your community. They are professionally trained crematorium operators who carry out their duties in an exceptional manner to ensure sensitive cremation services are performed for your family.

Scattering Garden ~ no availability at this time.

The Pine Ridge Scattering Garden is designated for the scattering of cremated remains in Woodlawn is within the Cremation Garden. It is in a beautiful natural area, close to falling water and ancient trees. The use of a dedicated area assures the site will not be developed for other use at some future time and it provides a focal point, not only for present day survivors, but also for future generations, for family and friends.

Scattering is a non-retrievable form of disposition. Memorialization at the specific site is not available. A shared marker is available in the scattering garden at the foot of the waterfalls or you may prefer to select a personal type of memorialization such as a tree, a placement in a dedication bed or another perennial that can be planted in an available area.

Cremation Urns & Vaults

Urns and Vaults in Guelph OntarioAlthough a utility urn is provided with the return of cremated remains from Woodlawn’s Crematorium in Guelph, some families choose to purchase a different urn for their use.

A personalized urn is a distinctive and lasting tribute. Almost any urn can be personalized. A name, family information, phrases and, in some cases, scenes and photographs can make even a simple urn all the more special.

Feel free to come in and ask us how you can personalize the black plastic utility urn that is returned to you with the cremated remains. Many families use these urns at the service and some have made these plain urns very special indeed.

Urn vaults, a box sometimes used to protect the urn or to hold family mementos, can be purchased at the Woodlawn Office. Please inquire.