4 Ways You Can Take Care Of Yourself During Self-Quarantine

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Many people may start to feel anxiety about staying home during this global pandemic. Perhaps it’s time to consider some important tasks that you might have been putting off. If you are looking to keep busy right now, here are 4 ways that you can take care of yourself during self-quarantine.

Review Your Arrangements

Many families are using this time to go through their files and review any arrangements that they previously made. We always encourage people to review and update their wills, and other preparations that they have made, every few years or when any big life change occurs. For assistance with pre-planning, connect with us via email or phone and we will help you review your information and ensure that everything is in place.

Do A Financial Deep-Dive & Plan Ahead

While there’s lots of uncertainty right now, many families are doing a personal finance deep-dive to get their estate in order. If you are considering this, you may also wish to consider pre-paying for your end-of-life needs. This will ensure that everything is taken care of, so your family isn’t burdened — and it also locks in your investment at today’s rate.

Update Your Will

Once a will is created, many people will put it in a safety deposit box, leave a copy with a lawyer or family member, and forget about it. As the years pass, many things can change. For instance, having children and grandchildren, a change in financial assets, and marriage or divorce can all be reasons for you to update the details of your will.

If you have some extra time to review your will, it could end up saving your family from extra grief and hardship down the road.

Create A Checklist

As you begin to complete these important tasks, we recommend creating a checklist to help you stay organized. A checklist will help keep everything top-of-mind and easily actionable when you are ready to take the next step.

Remember that you are not alone, and this too shall pass. Even though our doors are closed the team at Woodlawn Memorial Park is still here to assist you via telephone at 519-822-1271 or email.

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