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pauls walk

A walk through the Park with Paul Taylor, General Manager of Woodlawn Memorial Park.

On this past Sunday, my wife Cindy and I decided to take advantage of the fantastic weather and go for a walk. We started down Woolwich Street to one of the many great local restaurants in the unique neighborhood surrounding Woodlawn Memorial Park. Our destination this time was the Uptown Grill. We enjoy the great food, the company of the many regular customers, staff and the owners.

After breakfast we did as we often do, walked back to Woodlawn Memorial Park to stroll throughout the 4 kms of road ways, visit some historical sites, and take in the nature, enjoying some time together away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding city. Woodlawn has been a great escape for us since we moved into the Cemetery Lodge 34 years ago. The interesting thing we talked about on Sunday was how lucky we are to have all this beauty right in our back yard. Every walk we take in Woodlawn we discover new places of interest. It was a perfect walk, and we would encourage more people to discover Woodlawn. In just a few more weeks the colours of the trees will come alive again. Don’t miss the show. Plan to visit Woodlawn this fall.

If you do take a walk write us a line. We would be very interested in your experience. Maybe we will share it with others.


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