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Your great-grandparents, or someone they knew, may be resting at Woodlawn Memorial Park – perhaps in Block E under an 80-foot-tall majestic oak tree? 

Today, this oak tree is part of the of Woodlawn’s impressive tree canopy that contributes to our beautiful parklike setting. That generation made a lovely choice, didn’t they? Now, step back in time, if you will, and imagine what that area looked like when that generation selected their resting place. Today’s majestic oak would have been a tender young tree, with just a few branches, and stood only a few feet taller than your great-grandfather.

Today, you too have an opportunity to choose a final resting place in an area of young trees that will be equally majestic when your great-grandchildren come to visit to learn and honour their heritage. 

Woodlawn’s Lilac Block is the first development on the southern side of the property which leads all the way to Nicklin Avenue.  This area is 11 years young and offers a variety of interment and memorialization options for every budget from single graves to multi-grave lots. 

Contact our cemetery office for a no obligation consultation to learn how to develop your legacy for future generations.


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