Transition From Grief to Remembrance: How A Cemetery Memorial Is Designed And Made

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“You already have the memorial in your heart.
Our job is to draw it out of your heart so it can be carved in granite or cast in bronze.”

This is how General Manager Paul Taylor describes the memorial design process at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

The design process is like a dance. For some, it’s as simple as waltzing to a favourite tune. For others, it’s a complex tango. Regardless of the process, the result will be a thoughtful commemoration of a life lived and the loss of someone who was dearly loved.

Woodlawn Memorial Park recently had the privilege to work with the McDermid family of Rockwood to design and supply the monument for the late Earl McDermid. This featured a rare opportunity for our designer, as this monument permitted the full use of both sides of the granite canvas.

Earl McDermit

A wonderful photo of Earl McDermid by Lori-Anne McDermid Photographer

The Memorial Design Process

The Front

The front side features a distinctive spray of roses. Each petal boldly carved in relief draws the viewer to the poetic imagery engraved beneath it: “Take back my hand, sweet time of youth, take my heart and teach it truth…” a picture drawn with words using a favourite medium, paper and pen, by Earl himself.

His sentiment is framed by a beautiful Prairie Green granite monument with a polished panel, outlined by a narrow band with a steeled surface, surrounded by a beautifully hand-chiselled rock-pitched border flowing to the other side.

The Back

The back features ‘The Homestead’ — a place of treasured memories captured in a sketch by an artist in the past. Using this sketch, a modelled bronze plaque was created. The process began as a sculpted clay mould. This 3D rendering incorporated intricate details sculpted to translate accurately from clay to cast bronze. The bronze plaque is recessed into the beautiful green granite with its distinctive grain and sparkle – a perfect setting for the warm bronze plaque with its custom patina finish and the commemorative text engraved below.

With inspiration from various sources, this monument design was carefully choreographed to blend the rhythm of several artisans. The tablet rests on a matching granite base with a rock-pitched finish providing this memorial with a rugged pedestal of stability and balance, much like the man for whom this memorial was created.

Creating a memorial for someone cherished, regardless of size or complexity, can be an important part in the grief journey. Under the caring guidance of Woodlawn Memorial Park’s design team, all the details will come together to create a lasting tribute as your family transitions from grief to remembrance.

If you have questions about how you can memorialize your loved one, please feel free to contact us.

Original drawing.

Clay model.

Poly model.

Plaque close-up.

cemetery monument design

Granite in the shop.

Intricate rose design, close-up.

Finished memorial – front side.

Finished memorial – back side.

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  • Jacqueline Gray

    I recognized this monument right away as my father’s, mother’s, and my monument is directly beside this. You did a lovely job with ours, too.

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