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What comes to mind when you think about Family Day?

A lot of families wonder how they will keep the kids entertained or what activities are they’re going to do with their day off.

The purpose of the Family Day holiday is to celebrate the importance of family and family life to people and their communities.

A visit to Woodlawn Memorial Park is a great way to celebrate families and discover Guelph’s rich history.

Woodlawn plays a large role in the Guelph community. Not only is Woodlawn the final resting place for loved ones but we also offer a park-like setting that families can enjoy. We invite families to walk through our grounds, enjoy our winding roads covered by our beautiful tree canopy, and take in nature’s beauty.

Here are a few special places that you may want to stop and visit while walking through the Park:

Cutten Obelisk

Located in Block Q.

Of all the ancient styles and forms, none has been copied more than the Egyptian obelisk. Dedicated to the Sun God Ra, it symbolized power and creation. This obelisk is believed to have the largest single-piece shaft in Canada. It is 38’ high and weighs more than 25 tons. Erected circa 1935 the obelisk is the memorial of Arthur Cutten and his family. A Guelph native, Cutten became a Chicago wheat trader and millionaire. He inspired the Cutten Club in Guelph.

Peace Pole

Located at North Entrance of the Trans Canada Trail by Block M2 and S.

A 7’ high granite peace pole stands surrounded by the Garden of Peace. The peace pole was designed by one of our Woodlawn memorialists. It was built and designed as a reminder of the changing face of the Guelph community and as a wish for peace between many nationalities. “May peace prevail on earth,” is carved in 18 different languages. The paw print and leaf are a symbolic wish for mankind to exist peacefully with the plant and animal world.

Children’s Garden

Located along Block P & K.

In 1997, a dedicated Woodlawn volunteer and a memorialist completed research on the common infant vaults located along the old fence line. That year a children’s memorial was designed and a garden was planted to honour and mark the burial site of more than 900 babies and infants. This was made possible with donations and assistance from Wall Custance Funeral Home and many others within our community.

Here is a link to our website where a grounds map highlights these few places.

Follow the roads and see what else you might find.

While you enjoy your adventure, you can also take a moment to visit family or a friend who has been laid to rest at Woodlawn.

This weekend, create a new memory while keeping old ones alive.

For more information on special places to visit, contact us.

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