Internment Options

We offer many different internment options that will fit your budget and fulfill the wishes of your loved one and their family.

Internment options include single grave, double depth for two caskets, and multiple lots. In addition, you may wish to consider a mausoleum entombment, a monument, a marker, or a wreath.

We also provide options for regular maintenance to ensure that the grave site is regularly cared for.

Cremation Options

If you are considering cremation, we provide complete services.

Cremation options include burial in various locations across the memorial park, including garden niches, mausoleums, and crypts, as well as urn memorials.

Scattering of ashes in the garden or ossuary is available upon request.

Internment Services in Guelph

Woodlawn Memorial Park offers a range of internment service options that provide a welcoming space for your services where friends and family can gather.

Rates vary according to the date and time of the service and the chosen grave or inurnment options.

We encourage you to make an appointment, without obligation, to tour the grounds with a member of our team to view the areas and better understand the available options onsite.


We understand that the costs associated with the interment or cremation of a loved one may arise unexpectedly. While we offer a variety of options to fit most budgets, we also provide financing solutions to assist you in this difficult time.

Please contact us for details.