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How Families & Friends Benefit From A Final Resting Place

Only a few years ago, the majority of funerals took place in a church with the body present, followed by a burial in a local cemetery. With the increased popularity of cremation, this has gradually changed with a trend toward direct disposition without a celebration. Families and friends are now reporting back that this experience often leaves them suffering in grief because they are not able to say a proper goodbye and do not have a place to come visit and reflect.

The ceremony around the death is a mechanism that allows people to come to terms with the loss and understand what they are experiencing is normal. It gives families and friends the tools to work through their grief and draw support from one another. It gives friends and family an opportunity to pay their respects and acknowledge the impact the loss of their loved one has had on their life by sharing stories and fond memories.

A final resting place is often the last piece to bring the closure family and friends require.

While we are not necessarily seeing everybody go with the traditional full size casket burial, or purchasing a large family lot like people did 30 years ago, families are looking for a place that meets their needs where friends, family, future generations can visit. That’s why it is important to our staff to be able to provide those options that allow friends and family to remember a life in a meaningful and personal way.

Woodlawn Memorial Park is a place that can be visited time and time again to remember your loved one. We often hear family and friends stating how they like to come and visit as it’s a place to reflect and remember. It’s a peaceful place where, no matter what chaos is happening in their lives, it all stops for a few moments during their visit here. They enjoy bringing their children to come see who their great grandparents were if they never had the chance to meet them. Woodlawn brings all family members together past and present.

From a niche to a family lot, a plaque to an elaborate monument, our team is here to help whatever your needs may be.  

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help plan a final resting place.

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  • Brenda Lewis

    My mom, Grand parents and great grandparents, Aunts and more are buried there and some have selected their finally resting place.. I love visiting there , its clean , safe and a very comforting spot to be. I would recommend this place to any and all…

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