305Burial or Cremation?

This can be a very personal decision and often influences other important considerations, whether pre-planning your own services or family members choosing how to honour a loved one it is a good idea to discuss these options with your family before making a final decision.

When you purchase a grave in a cemetery, you do not actually purchase the property. You purchase the right to be interred (buried) in the grave you have selected. In addition by purchasing interment rights you also ensure that the property is protected as green space now, and in the future. Full size grave spaces, approximately 36″ wide and 10′ long, commonly provide for the interment of one casket, or full size burial, and two additional cremated remains.

However, there are many choices in Woodlawn. Families can purchase rights for two, three, four or more graves side by side. Single graves are available with double depth liners where, rather than side by side, the burials are placed above and below the other. If cremation is your choice, did you know there are more than 10 options for the interment of cremated remains in Woodlawn Memorial Park?

Along with in ground interments there are also niche walls and towers, Heritage Estates, Mausoleum glass front niche and loose internal release of cremains into the Ossuary under the Royal Belvedere. All can be found in our Cremation Garden with other options throughout select areas of the cemetery.

In some areas families may choose a flat marker for memorialization. Other areas might be designed for traditional upright monuments. And, although monuments have a minimum and a maximum size guideline, there are many choices and types available.

A permanent placement provides future generations with a physical place for visitation, reflection or place to research heritage.

For more information or to schedule an appointment or call the office at Woodlawn Memorial Park (519-822-1271).

Our professional staff would be pleased to show you the various areas in the cemetery and advise you of your options and the costs involved, without obligation.