Interment Options

We offer many different interment options that will fit your budget and fulfill the wishes of your loved one and your family.

Interment options include single grave, double depth for two caskets, and multiple family lots. In addition, some memorial options would be to consider if you or your loved one prefers a monument or flat marker.

We also provide options for regular maintenance to ensure that the grave site is regularly cared for.

Cremation Options

Our cremation options include burial in various locations within Woodlawn Memorial Park, including our cremation garden niches, our glass, bronze or marble fronted mausoleum niches, as well as in ground burials.

Scattering of cremated remains in the Garden or Ossuary is also available.

What Woodlawn Memorial Park has to offer

Rates vary according to the date and time of the service and the chosen grave or interment options.

Woodlawn Memorial Park offers an extensive range of interment rights with regards to location, landscaping, interment requirements and choices of memorialization.

We encourage you to make an appointment, without obligation, to tour the grounds with a member of our team to view the areas and better understand the available options Woodlawn Memorial Park has to offer.