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When a friend is grieving the loss of a loved one, finding ways to offer support can be challenging. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, wondering how best to alleviate their pain and bring them a bit of comfort. At Woodlawn Memorial Park, we understand these emotions and are here to help with thoughtful gift ideas.

1. Write a Letter

Person holding a pen to write in a notebook

A handwritten letter can be an incredibly powerful and personal gift. Take the time to share memories, express your feelings, and offer words of support. This letter can provide comfort during difficult moments, serving as a reminder of your unwavering presence.

2. Woodlawn Memorial Park’s Arbor Fund Donation

Trail in Woodlawn Memorial Park

Contributing to the Arbor Fund is a meaningful way to honour the memory of the departed. Your friend will appreciate knowing their loved one is commemorated through the growth and care of the park’s landscape. This donation helps maintain the natural beauty of Woodlawn Memorial Park, and enhance it with new trees to ensure it remains a tranquil sanctuary. Donations of $125.00 or more qualify for a leaf on the Tree of Remembrance on display in our office. Another form of donation can be a tree, designated to a loved one. It’s a great way to keep our park beautiful and remember loved ones, regardless of their final resting place. Contact our office for more information.

3. Flower Bed

Headstone with a flowerbed

Planting a flower bed in memory of a loved one is a beautiful gesture that symbolizes life and renewal. Each bloom represents the enduring nature of love and remembrance. Your friend can visit the flower bed, finding solace in its vibrant beauty and the ongoing cycle of nature that mirrors their journey through grief. Woodlawn Memorial Park offers flower bed preparation, planting, and maintenance services on graves with upright memorials. Order a flower bed online. 

4. A Homemade Gift or Meal

Someone sewing a quilt

Creating a homemade gift shows a deep level of care and thoughtfulness. Whether it’s a photo album, a knitted blanket, a memorial quilt, or a homemade casserole, your effort and love will shine through. This tangible expression of support can offer warmth and comfort, reminding your friend of the bond you share.

By offering these gifts, you can provide meaningful support to your grieving friend, showing them they are not alone during this difficult time. At Woodlawn Memorial Park, we believe in putting people first and providing a space that feels like home, even during the toughest times. If you need more ideas or want to discuss memorial options, we’d be happy to assist you.

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