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At Woodlawn Memorial Park, we hold events year-round to celebrate the lives of our loved ones. From mothers to fathers to families and more, we have several events throughout the year to celebrate not only loved ones who rest at Woodlawn or other cemeteries, but also to appreciate and honour those family members who we are privileged to still have with us today.

One of our annual events is our Kisses To Heaven – also known as Mother’s Eve Service. This annual service is a celebration of mothers everywhere, including mothers who are still with us, to remember them and appreciate them for everything that they do. It’s also a recognition of all of the hard work they do for their families.

Beginning in the mausoleum, we say a few words and share some stories of our mothers. Then, we move into the Mother’s Grove.

Each year, our staff selects a flower shrub or flower to enhance the Mother’s Grove garden. We ask everyone attending to write a letter, card or note of love to their mother, telling them how special they are, and we place these notes in the ground near the roots of the chosen planting.  

We believe that our love seeps from the papers planted at the roots causing the plants grow stronger and look more beautiful.

Afterwards, we blow kisses to heaven – it’s a lovely moment where we can all take the time to stop and reflect on all our mothers have done for us.

Check out the video below to see more of our Mother’s Eve service, and join us on Wednesday, May 10th at 7pm at the Mausoleum for this year’s service. This year’s event will also feature a performance by The Over Tones.

Visit Woodlawn Memorial Park in Guelph for one of our many annual events, like our Father’s Day Classic Car Night!

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