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At Woodlawn Memorial Park, we believe that a final resting place is important for all loved ones. Many people think of cremation as final disposition, not realizing that cremated remains will be returned to them – and a plan for a final resting place is needed.

Scattering a loved one’s cremated remains has become a romanticized idea, but many don’t consider its finality. In our experience, we find that families are often remorseful years later when they realize they don’t have anywhere to visit or commemorate their loved one. Scattering also limits the ability for others to feel connected with their friend or loved one, and there is no record of burial for future generations to research their heritage.

A permanent placement provides future generations with a physical place for visitation, reflection, or a place to research their family history.

Woodlawn Memorial Park has several different options. We work with grieving families every day, so we understand how difficult the loss of a loved one can be. All faiths are welcome at Woodlawn Memorial Park. We are knowledgeable about cremation options and burial customs of all faiths and cultures.

Contact our office today to learn of our various options for cremated remains – including a scattering garden – which allows for honouring a loved ones wish for scattering, while providing a protected permanent place and record for future generations to remember, research, and reflect.

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