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Woodlawn Memorial Park, above all else, is home. When loved ones pass, people need a place to go home and visit their loved ones.

Home is a place that is going to last, where families can gather to rest, remember, reflect and find comfort.

Cemeteries also offer an escape for the living. They’re rich with history, full of beautiful art work, landscape and scenery – they’re truly an outdoor museum.

That’s why cremation is not a last step. Bring your loved ones home to Woodlawn Memorial Park with our new niche wall.

With so many options, now is the perfect time to be purchasing and planning your final resting place or that of a loved one.

We will be selling niches in our niche wall beginning August 4th.

Don’t delay – the niche walls in our Lower Gardens are 98% sold, while those in the Upper Garden are 75% sold. Now is a great time to purchase the location of your choosing if you are considering cremation.

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  • Theresa Freeth

    My husband is a resident in the upper garden and just a suggestion,but a bench or two in that area would be greatly appreciated.I know there is one at the crest of the hill that faces the lower garden but one nearer the upper area would be so nice.

    • Woodlawn Memorial

      Hi Theresa!
      Thanks so much for your suggestion, it’s a really nice idea to add more seating space to Woodlawn. We will definitely take this into consideration when next look for ways to improve the park! Hope you enjoyed your visit. Let us know if you have any other suggestions!
      The Woodlawn Team

    • Suzanne Boudreau

      Hello Theresa!!!! My mom is in the upper garden also and agree with a bench also. I would love to sit and be able to have longer visits with her. Suzanne

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