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Have you lost a loved one?

Come into Woodlawn Memorial Park to discuss your options for a final resting place for your loved one.

Why a Final Resting Place is Important

The actual cremation is not the final step, we believe that a final resting place is a very important part for all the family members and friends. At Woodlawn Memorial Park, we help you choose from our many options so that you can select the final resting place that is right for you and your family with no pressure or obligation. Our options include:

  • Cremation Garden Niches and Lots
  • Mausoleum Niches
  • Heritage Estates
  • Scattering Gardens
  • Lots where upright monuments or flat markers are permitted (any option you would consider with a traditional full size burial you can also have with cremated remains)

Choosing a final resting place at Woodlawn Memorial Park gives family and friends a place to visit, to pay their respects and remember the life lived. A final resting place will also give grandchildren and future generations a place to come see and experience the history of Woodlawn while visiting their family members who came before them.

Some people choose to keep the cremated remains of a loved one but it can make it more difficult for others to pay their respects. Some choose to scatter cremated remains at a beloved location however that should be given some consideration. What happens if the cremated remains are scattered somewhere like the family cottage, and then the cottage is sold, how will you visit?

If scattering was your loved ones wish, consider our scattering gardens. This will allow a place to always visit and there will be a registered record of the scattering. A tree could also be donated in their memory and a memorial plaque created for your loved one; just a few words words can say a lot.

Come into Woodlawn Memorial Park and talk to our friendly team about our available options. We are open to families and individuals of all faiths, and are knowledgeable about faith-based cremation and burial customs.

For more information about our cremation services or to chat about your options, contact Woodlawn Memorial Park in Guelph.

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