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Navigating unfamiliar terminology while making final resting place decisions can make the process even more confusing. It can be difficult to make choices without understanding common terms about burials, cremation, and other final resting place arrangements. Woodlawn Memorial Park in Guelph, Ontario is here to provide clarity and reassurance. Continue reading for definitions of final resting place terminology and options.

1. Executor

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Definition: An Executor is someone you trustfully appoint in your will to ensure your final wishes, including burial or cremation, are honoured. This person takes the helm, navigating the often emotional process of settling your affairs.

An executor’s role transcends mere administrative duties. Appointing an executor is like handing a compass to a trusted friend, ensuring your journey’s end is navigated with care.

2. Interment Rights Holder

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Definition: An Interment Rights Holder is the torchbearer of decisions, the individual holding purchase rights, and has the final say on associated choices.

By clearly defining this role, families can navigate choices with clarity and consensus.

3. Interment Rights

A photo of upright monuments at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

Definition: Interment Rights allow the purchase of a designated burial or cremation space at Woodlawn.

When you invest in interment rights at Woodlawn, you’re preserving a timeless, green sanctuary. This guarantees that your loved ones will forever have a cherished space to visit, reflect, and forge a connection with their heritage.

4. Interment Fee

A photo of the ground preparation that takes place before a service at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

Definition: The Interment Fee at Woodlawn encompasses ground preparation before and after a service, and ensuring the serene environment befitting a final resting place.

Every ceremony, every gesture of farewell, carries profound significance. Understanding the fee’s components ensures transparency and confidence in your choice.

5. Niche, Columbarium, Mausoleum

Just as in life, our final resting spaces reflect our unique personalities and wishes. Here’s how these terms are unique, and work together:


A close-up photo of a personalized bronze plaque on a niche.

Definition: A Niche is a specific compartment, often found within a columbarium, that holds the urn containing cremated remains. These spaces can be adorned with personal mementos, photographs, inscriptions, and photo plaques making them unique focal points of remembrance.

In the tapestry of memorial options, a niche stands out as an intimate, dedicated space for you or a loved one.


A photo of a columbarium at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

Definition: A Columbarium is an above-ground structure designed specifically to house multiple niches. Like a library of lives, each niche tells a different story, yet all reside harmoniously within the collective embrace of the columbarium’s walls.


A photo of the outside of the Mausoleum at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

Definition: A Mausoleum is a free-standing, above-ground building that provides spaces (crypts) for interring bodies or cremated remains. Beyond its functional role, a mausoleum is a statement of legacy, often adorned with intricate designs, statues, and artistry that capture the essence of those interred within.

6. Memorialization

A photo of an upright granite memorial surrounded by flowers at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

Definition: At Woodlawn Memorial Park, memorialization is the term used for monuments or markers in a cemetery, and memorializing the memory of your loved one.

  • Bronze Markers: These are durable, time-honoured plaques that capture names, dates, and sometimes images, to serve as lasting reminders of one’s journey.
  • Inscriptions: Personalized engravings or etchings, often laden with messages, quotes, or epitaphs that echo the voice and sentiments of the departed.
  • Monuments: Whether upright or ground-level, these structures are available in a range of styles and shapes, made of granite or bronze.

Memorialization allows future generations to have a touchstone to their roots.

7. Pre-planning

A photo man resting his hand on his knee. A woman has placed her hand on top of his.

Tomorrow isn’t promised, but peace of mind can be.

Definition: Pre-planning at Woodlawn involves making decisions about burials or cremation, choosing a resting space, and setting out wishes in advance. This proactive approach not only ensures your wishes are honoured but also alleviates the burden on loved ones during a time of grief.

With knowledge and resources as our guide, Woodlawn Memorial Park can assist you on your path to planning and decision-making. Schedule a no-obligation appointment with us to learn more about planning or burial or cremation in Guelph. We’d be honoured to be by your side, offering guidance, and a commitment to your peace of mind.

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