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Tuesday, October 24, 2017 marks United Nations Day. United Nations Day marks the anniversary of the 1945 UN Charter and celebrates the diversity of our communities and the global community at large.

At Woodlawn Memorial Park, we celebrate United Nations Day to remind ourselves that we are all of one world. It’s also a beautiful time of year to visit our cemetery. The fall colours and the changing leaves are absolutely beautiful this time of year.

We first saw United Nations Day celebrated at a Rotary Club in the United States, and thought it would be a great idea for a multicultural community like Guelph.

The Peace Pole

Woodlawn Memorial Park has many connections to the multicultural community, which is reflected in our Peace Pole located in the Garden of Peace. The Peace Pole has the words, “May Peace Prevail on Earth” engraved in the different languages of our diverse community. We chose 18 languages to carve into the granite pole so that it would last for an eternity, and so that future generations could come and visit it.

After having the Peace Pole engraved with these different languages, we realized we had missed one: Mother Nature. If you visit the Peace Pole, you’ll notice a paw print with leaf overlay to represent Mother Nature, designed by Ceska Brennan.

Visit Us on United Nations Day

Celebrate United Nations Day at Woodlawn Memorial Park on October 24th. In this self-guided event, we recommend walking the Trans Canada Trail to the Peace Pole. The Peace Pole and the walk offer a chance to enjoy our park, reflect on our community and to hope for peace for future generations.  Click here to download our Making Trails map.

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