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Making end-of-life decisions can often be filled with uncertainty. The array of choices from burial to cremation may seem confusing, leaving individuals and families feeling lost in a maze of options. In this blog, we outline the many burial and cremation options that we offer at Woodlawn Memorial Park to help you make informed and reflective choices for you or your loved one’s end-of-life wishes.

With options that include traditional lawn plots, Mausoleum glass front niches, and diverse columbarium walls like our latest addition Wall F, our park encompasses various alternatives to meet individual wishes and beliefs. Continue reading to see our burial and cremation options.

Burials at Woodlawn Memorial Park

A photo of monuments surrounded by bushes and trees at Woodlawn Memorial Park in Guelph.

Interment refers to the act of burying remains in a final resting place, and Woodlawn Memorial Park provides a variety of interment options, designed to honour the wishes of you or your loved ones.

  • Single Grave Spaces: Accommodate one casket and additional cremated remains.
  • Multiple Grave Spaces: Families can purchase rights for two, three, four, or more graves side by side.
  • Cremation Burial: Woodlawn provides the option to have cremated remains interred in a traditional plot on the Cremation Lawn, which permits up to two urns.

Full-size grave spaces are approximately 3’-3″ wide and 10′ long, and commonly provide space for the interment of one casket or one full-size burial and two additional cremated remains.

When you buy interment rights at Woodlawn, you’re ensuring that the area you choose remains a beautiful green space, both today and for generations to come. This means that your loved ones will always have a special place to visit, remember, and connect with their heritage.

Wide-Ranging Cremation Options

A photo of cremation monuments at Woodlawn Memorial Park.


At Woodlawn Memorial Park, understanding your cremation options is a straightforward process. Many options are suitable for our Cremation Garden — a serene space adorned with a tranquil waterfall and lush flower beds. There is also the option for a cremation burial, as mentioned above.

  • Columbarium Walls: These above-ground structures hold urns in a dedicated space within the walls, allowing for an outdoor memorialization while ensuring the remains are securely and respectfully kept.
  • Columbarium Domes: Similar to columbarium walls, domes provide a secure and honourable resting place within a rounded structure.
  • Tower Niches: Above-ground options, like tower niches, offer a beautiful and accessible way to memorialize loved ones, with the added height providing a unique and distinguished setting.
  • Estates Columbaria: For those who prefer a more private, family-centered option, Estates Columbaria can house up to four urns in a singular, elegant space that ensures loved ones remain together.
  • Upright Monument Graves: These allow for the interment of up to three urns in a traditional gravesite setting, providing a grounded, earth-connected memorial space.
  • Mausoleum: Offering an indoor option, the mausoleum houses medallion and glass-front niches, providing a sheltered, serene, and respectful place for memorialization.
  • Scattering Gardens: For those who lean towards a natural return, Woodlawn offers two scattering gardens: the Royal Belvedere or the Garden of Life/Bed of Hope, where remains can be gently returned to nature in a beautiful, peaceful setting.

Additional Services and Considerations

A photo of the flowers in the Cremation Garden at Woodlawn Memorial Park.

Beyond burials and cremation, Woodlawn Memorial Park offers additional services, like regular maintenance, to ensure the grave site is consistently cared for.

Understanding the choices available is the first step in making informed and respectful end-of-life decisions for you or your loved ones. Schedule a no-obligation appointment. Our team is here to guide you through each option, ensuring your choices resonate with your desires and values, and providing a personalized, meaningful path in end-of-life planning.

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