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Monuments are a natural rock which, over time, have changed from being made mainly of marble or limestone, to granite. Marble and limestone are softer rocks which can become weathered and more difficult to read which makes it important to clean them.

Why do lichen and moss grow on monuments?

Marble has a very high calcium carbonate content, which plants love, and it is the reason why we tend to see these types of monuments covered in more lichen and moss than granite. Woodlawn was established in 1854 and we have a variety of monuments made of different types of rock.

Why do Granite monuments have less lichen and moss growth?

As you walk around our grounds, you may notice that some of our monuments that are made of granite are still quite legible with little lichen or moss growth. That’s because it’s difficult for lichen and moss to attach to granite, especially on polished surfaces. All non-polished surfaces, or any time a cut is made on a polished surface, the natural state of the rock is exposed and it becomes more susceptible to lichen and moss growth. Monument grade granite is the stone that is currently used and ordered for monuments placed today.

Why do some areas of monuments have more growth than others?

The location and the environment that the monument is exposed to are key factors. If the monument is under a tree, is not in direct sunlight and is exposed to rainwater from the tree’s leaves collecting on the monument, you may experience more moss growth.

Sometimes a monument simply needs a cleaning to remove dirt and debris that has accumulated from being blown around in the wind.

What is the best way to clean a monument?

We always recommend that families who wish to clean the monument themselves use only water and a soft brush. As mentioned above, monuments are made from natural rock. A natural stone will absorb moisture, so any soap or cleaning product may cause discolouration over time, and any harsh brush made of steel etc. can cause scratches on the monument.

For these reasons, we offer a monument cleaning service at Woodlawn Memorial Park. Our grounds team members take pride in restoring and bringing monuments back to life.

Below is a before and after photo of a recent monument cleaning we completed, as well as a short video to view the process.

Please contact us today to ask for your monument cleaning.

Before & After

Before and after of monument cleaned from moss and lichen

Monument Cleaning


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