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At Woodlawn Memorial Park, we guarantee our clients that we’ll prepare and pour the foundation for their monuments (headstones) twice a year. The first is in the spring, generally the last week of May. The second is in the fall, typically on or around November 1.

Properly preparing and pouring a foundation for your monument is important if you want it to last a long time without cracking or shifting.

The staff at Woodlawn are highly skilled and qualified so you can rest assured that the construction of the foundation and monument are in good hands.

Our 6 step foundation process

1. Review the order

Once we’ve reviewed a customer’s order and get the measurements, our staff will calculate the amount of concrete needed for the orders and we’ll physically inspect the area in which the foundation will be poured.

2. Double check and confirm

We will check all measurements a second time, make sure the outline has been cut, and bring in the equipment we need for the job.

3. Prepare the grounds

Our team may move (and then return) other monuments to make sure we can get the equipment to the site of the new monument.

4. Digging commences

We use machines to dig four feet deep into the ground. This ensures that the foundation will be solid and will be beneath the frost line.

5. Pour concrete

We will bring in a concrete company and our staff will pour all the foundations around the cemetery.

6. Final touches

A team member places the finishing touches on the foundation to make sure it’s ready for the monument installation!

Are you looking to get a monument for yourself or a loved one?

Monuments are a beautiful way to mark where a loved one is in a cemetery. They tell a story about that person, including:

  • Date and place of birth
  • Family name
  • Interests, hobbies, crowning achievements
  • Religious affiliation, and more!

A member of our team meets with families to design and complete monument orders all year round. If you’re looking to have a monument ordered and need a foundation poured, send us a message —we’d be happy to help!

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