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Woodlawn Memorial Park has been part of Guelph’s community since 1854. Check out these fun facts about Woodlawn Memorial Park, you don’t want to miss the last one!

Fact #1

Old black and white photo of the Woodlawn Memorial Park front gates

From 1854 through to 1925, Woodlawn Memorial Park was known as the Guelph Cemetery. In 1925, our name was changed to Woodlawn Cemetery, and then in 2004 expanded to Woodlawn Memorial Park. Our name better reflects what we stand for and what we offer our families and the community; a park-like setting, inviting all to walk through and enjoy the history, nature, and beauty that Woodlawn Memorial Park has to offer.

Fact #2

Rebecca Zinger

Since we’ve opened our gates, we have had 15 Superintendents or, as we know them today, General Managers. Our current General Manager, Rebecca Zinger, is the first woman to have had the honour and privilege of preserving the past, serving the present, and planning for future families.

Fact #3

Stained glass art

There is a lot of public art in our cemetery. From the beautiful stained glass windows in our mausoleum, to custom monument designs, there are many dedications to loved ones to explore. Come visit us and see what you can find on your next walk through.

Fact #4

Woodlawn Memorial Park in winter

A common question we get asked is; do we bury during the winter months? The answer is yes. Our grounds team has the appropriate equipment to continue serving families year-round. We offer services for casket burial, cremation, and scattering, no matter the weather.

Fact #5

Memorial bench with plaque installed

Woodlawn Memorial Park is a not-for-profit cemetery. This means that all proceeds from purchases for interment rights, monuments, markers, and inscription orders go back into the beautification and operations of the cemetery and grounds. We also offer a bench and tree dedication program to honour the memories of loved ones.

Fact #6

Dark purple lilacs

Woodlawn Memorial Park owns 40 acres on the southern side of Woodlawn Road, across the railway tracks. Over the past 15 years, we have been developing Lilac Block and serving families in that section of the cemetery. Now, we are excited to announce that we are in the planning stages to develop and expand by Lilac Block. Details will be shared as progress begins.

As you can see, we have a lot of fun facts and history here at Woodlawn Memorial Park. Our team is here to assist you in any way we can. Whether you’re looking for information about your family history, our services, details about our park, or something else, reach out to our team.

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