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Every morning, my day starts with a walk around Woodlawn Memorial Park. I often see others doing the same thing. I enjoy the beautiful songs from the many different types of birds that call the park home and seeing the young families of squirrels waking up to the early morning sun and playing in the warmth of the morning. Other times, I see visitors reading the history from the many memorials around the park. There are so many things to see in the spring when the park is starting to wake up from a long winter’s nap.

Whatever your reason is for visiting Woodlawn first thing in the morning, it sure is a fantastic way to begin a day — and this spring, we have something new for our visitors to enjoy.

The Honey Bees have arrived!

This spring is the first spring we have our bees busy searching through the cemetery for fresh blooms from our spring show of colour. The bees will be making ‘Sweet Memories’. That’s the name of the honey they produce from the array of flowers, shrubs, and trees that call Woodlawn home. I think it’s an appropriate name because Woodlawn is full of Sweet Memories.

sweet memories honey

Sweet Memories Honey

Last fall, when our gardening team planted the Chrysanthemums, it didn’t take the Woodlawn honeybees long to find them. I can only imagine how delicious this year’s honey will taste with all our wonderful spring blossoms!

Woodlawn is a place of (sweet) memories

Woodlawn is filled with memories. You will be reminded of memories when you see stories on the monuments.

When I walk by friends’ memorials,I think back to a time when we would be out having fun together and how they made Guelph a better place for all of us.

That’s what I like most about Woodlawn, it keeps memories alive.

I invite you to join me in starting your day off with a walk through the history and nature at Woodlawn Memorial Park. Make sure to look out for our honeybees, the squirrels out for a little early morning fun, and listen to the morning songs from our hundreds of birds in the trees overhead.

Come and experience Woodlawn like I, and others, do every morning. It’s a great way to start your day. Our unique park is surrounded by the many who gave us the history that made Guelph what it is today.

If you’d like information about walking tours at Woodlawn, click here.

Written by Paul Taylor, General Manager, Woodlawn Memorial Park

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  • Mavis McEwan

    Nicely written Paul. I always enjoy my walks in Woodlawn Memorial Park. Nice to hear that the bees are enjoying the park also. Take Care.

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